Inspeccion Visual

A line follow-up is carried out by a helicopter at low speed and by performing stationary flights at very near distances of the facilities, which allows for the identification of any abnormalities in an ordered and fast way. The inspector is able to carry out his work under optimum conditions thanks to the use of the most adequate aircraft from the technical and economic point of view for each service, and the use of edgy digital cameras.

Together with each inspection performed, a detailed printed report is submitted within a term not exceeding 24 hours, which includes photographs of the most significant news. Moreover, a CD is submitted with the digital version of the processed information for its subsequent analysis.

Over 300.000 km of lines in different countries for important electrical transmission companies, gives Hangar Servicios its renown prestige in specialized inspection and aerial surveying services.

Hangar Servicios makes its best efforts in order for its customers to feel supported and enjoy a great response capacity. That is why its own aircrafts and support equipment are available, even in emergency situations. This set of factors, together with a specialized and permanent trained staff, specialized and permanent trained staff Hangar Servicios into a company of excellence.