Infra Red Termography

Thermography is a technique which allows to measure the temperature of each point of an object from a distance, either in a dynamic or stative status. At the same time, it is possible to show a visual representation of such temperatures. These images, called thermograms, are obtained by asserting each temperature a different color, thus creating shapes which can be visualized through the display of the equipment or an external monitor.

Thermographic inspection makes it possible to check from a distance the condition of the links among conductors and even any point which is plausible to raise its temperature due to a bad installation or damage.

Hot spots in restricted spaces can be detected by using a helicopter and specific flight characteristics (proximity and low speed).

Distant temperature measurement is a technique which demands knowledge and experience of the staff in charge of such task. Hangar Servicios has taken part in several lab trials about termography with different universities, which speaks about the responsibility and credibility of the company in service rendering.