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Polymeric insulators

Based on the experience gained from field work, it is possible to perform detailed studies on the behavior of polymeric insulators. Due to the fact that they show early aging signs and degrading because of external agents, they cause the facilities to go out of service.

In order to assess the insulating capacity of such insulators, Hangar Servicios offers identification and analysis of the following situations:

  • Research and Development (R&D) of problems resulting from degrading.
  • (R&D) of Problems due to pollution.
  • (R&D) of Loss of Hydrophobicity.

Wind vibrations

The action of climatic factors over networks is also another important factor to bear in mind. The effect of the prevailing winds of each region makes conductors vibrate.

Hangar Servicios manages resources which allow to quantify the influence of the wind in relation to the construction characteristics of network, for which the following is available:

  • Gauging, detection, and quantification equipment of the drawbacks produced by the effect of winds.
  • Highly trained professionals who analyze the surveyed information.